Topshop: My Answer to All Things Chic

One of my sisters moved to London when I was in high-school and since my first trip there, I have been obsessed with Topshop. During college, I visited her each summer, bringing a practically empty suitcase which I would later fill with fashion-forward, London-chic items to spruce up my otherwise drab New York wardrobe: sparkly costume jewelry, faux fur jackets, sequined capelets, Kate Moss-esque skinny jeans… and the list goes on!

When Topshop opened in SoHo in 2009, I was devastated that my most well kept fashion secret had become everyone’s shopping go-to as well. And I was so sad that I no longer got to hop a B.A. flight to Heathrow to stock up on my beautiful Topshop pieces!

Over the past two years, I have dutifully visited the Broadway location once every other month, buying one dress here, and a pair of earrings there. But never was I as enraptured by the experience at the New York store as I always was at my beloved shopping mecca in Oxford Circus. Gone were the days of my 4-hour long trips to my favorite store! Or so I thought…

You will be happy to know that yesterday, I finally fully overcame my hump. Below is a list of my acquisitions. (I’m wearing 3 of the items today!)

  • Two dresses: the same, feminine, flirty, full-skirted style – one in black, and one in pink
  • An awesome African-tribal inspired multi-strand collar necklace, in electric blue
  • Luscious, navy blue velvet ballet flats
  • Gorgeous, reddish-brown, flat leather ankle boots
  • A cream colored weekend pullover sweater with black velvet shoulder details
  • A fox wrapped ring, with pink, gray, and yellow rhinestones (shown below)

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