Opening Tonight at Pace: Calder 1941

                     Tree, 1941, by Alexander Calder. On view at Pace Gallery in New York

Confident in their simplicity, Alexander Calder’s delicate mobiles come alive with kinetic spirit at Pace Gallery on 57th Street. Opening tonight, the exhibit will feature works from 1941, a seminal year in Calder’s career which signifies the start of the artist’s experimentation with nontraditional materials and a newfound interest in larger works.

The exhibition will also mark the reunion of two pieces, a stand and mobile, which come together to form Calder’s Tree (above). The standing mobile will be publicly displayed for the first time since the artist’s 1943 retrospective at MoMA.

Calder 1941 will be on view at Pace Gallery (32 East 57th Street) from tonight through December 23. 

Click here to see a slideshow of the exhibit on

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