Daniel Heidkamp’s “Sneeze Buds” at Half Gallery on East 78th Street

Daniel Heidkamp's Airplane, oil on linen, 2013.
Daniel Heidkamp’s Airplane, oil on linen, 2013.

The Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn seems a morbid spot for an artist to paint en plein air, but Daniel Heidkamp seems to find life in the subject nonetheless. “Sneeze Buds,” his current solo exhibit at Half Gallery on the Upper East Side, is a vibrant study of the lush greenery and pastel blooms that embellish the graveyard, with no visual references to death. Perhaps the artist’s lively depiction of the cemetery stems from the fact that it is the resting place for creative masters whose legacies will live on forever—among them, American graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and Charles Lewis Tiffany, jeweler and founder of Tiffany & Co.

“Sneeze Buds” is on view at Half Gallery  now through July 26.

Half Gallery: 43 East 78th Street, NYC

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