Broadway Bites: An Outdoor Food Court in Greeley Square

Sign 2

One of the best things about New York is the way the city seems to sprout new gems over night. This week, one of those gems is the Broadway Bites by Urbanspace food market in Greeley Square. My oldest childhood friend, Ashley, emailed me yesterday to tell me about how she had unexpectedly stumbled upon the outdoor food market during lunch. She told me she had just eaten the best pretzel EVER and that there was a ton of other food we had to try, and could I meet her for dinner?? This was an invitation I could not refuse.

So we went. We gorged. And we conquered.

The very first stall that tugged at my taste buds was Roberta’s, which came all the way from Brooklyn. Would you believe that they have set up a pizza oven on Broadway and 32nd street?

Robertas whole

We ordered the white pizza with ricotta, mozzarella, taleggio, and fresh garlic, and we washed it down with some pumpkin ale. It was perfect–the crust was puffy, chewy, bubbly, and speckled with charred bits which I love. The garlic spiced up the melty cheese.

Robertas 3

After the pizza we each felt an inclination to order sliders from Mighty Balls. Their tagline is “not yo’ mama’s balls” so how could we resist? I had a pork ball topped with sticky-spicy-sweet jalapeno jelly. Ash had a traditional beef with tomato sauce and spicy feta. Nom nom nom…

Meatballs 2

We finished our beer and walked over to Arancini Bros. for some deep fried risotto balls. I ordered a pesto and mozzarella one, and Ashley got one with jalapeno, cheddar, and corn. Both were outstanding, but I was partial to the pesto—after all, it was turning into an Italian kind of night.


Next up, we had to try some cannolis from Stuffed Artisan Cannolis. While their flavor choices like cookie dough and mint chocolate chip sounded interesting, we were both adamant in our need for a regular, no-frills cannoli. Call us boring, but sometimes you can’t mess with the original.


It was getting a bit chilly, so we picked up a cup of hot cider to help us warm up. It was spiked with vermouth, which added a spiciness that warmed our bones and made us extra toasty.


We may have eaten a little too much, but honestly, it was nothing 20 minutes of bopping around on the elliptical couldn’t fix. (And that’s exactly what I did when I got home…)

Broadway Bites at Urbanspace is located between 32nd Street and 30th street and Broadway. It will be open through November 24th. Click here for more information, and a full list of vendors.

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