Bona Eats: A Review of Black Seed Bagels

Beet Lox at Black Seed
Black Seed’s everything bagel with beet-cured lox.

The only thing more “New York” than a bagel is a bagel with a following, and Black Seed offers just that. When I went to the Nolita bagel joint for the first time last weekend, I was excited by the appearance of two types of salmon on the menu: smoked and beet-cured. As a New Yorker, I’m all about keeping things real. That said, the prospect of adding anything pink to any part of my day is always an attractive one. So I decided to go for the beet-cured lox. Here’s what I thought:

The Spot: Black Seed, Nolita (Elizabeth btw Spring and Kenmare)
My Order:
Everything bagel with plain cream cheese, beet-cured lox, and sliced red onion
The Damage: $8.50
The Backdrop: It was 10:30 a.m. on a Sunday and Black Seed’s staff had a “I had more fun than you did last night and I still came to work this morning” attitude… which I actually love. Aside from the bagels, the best thing about this place was the crowd. Even though I counted three Chanel Boy Bags while waiting in line for my bagel, the general vibe was  laid back and anything but snooty. It was packed inside and since there were no free tables we decided to snag a few spots on the bench outside–a perfect place for people watching.
The Lowdown: Loved the wood-burning oven baked bagel. It was smaller and less dense than a traditional New York bagel–a major plus because it didn’t make me feel as stuffed as I normally do after eating other NYC-style bagels. The beet-cured lox on the other hand was disappointing. It had a predictably appealing saltiness, but it was very chewy and hard to bite through which made the experience much less palatable. I might just order the regular smoked salmon next time I go there, or maybe I’ll go wild and get a bagel with almond butter and jam? Whatever I get, I know I’ll go back.
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