Wardrobe Staple: Packable Hunter Wellies

Package Hunter WelliesDear Santa,
NYC is being pummeled by a nor’easter today and I found out the hard way that I have a tear in my right Hunter wellie!! There is no way I can survive a cold and slushy winter in the city without those boots so I was wondering if maybe you could leave a replacement pair under the tree for me? I’d like the Hunter Packable Wellies, please, because I can easily fold them up and fit them in my suitcase next time I’m traveling to the Cotswolds for a weekend of hunting and horseback riding with British aristos. I’m partial to navy because that’s the color that Kate Moss rocks whenever she goes to muddy music festivals, but I also dig the hunter green ones because you can’t go wrong with the original. And please, please, please stay clear of the ones with the cheesy glossy finish that I see girls on the UES wearing–Duchess Catherine would never wear those, so why should I?
Thanks, Santa! I promise to leave you some extra mini black and white cookies from William Greenberg Bakery this year.

* * *
If you’re on Santa’s naughty list, you can buy your own Hunter Packable Wellies at nordstrom.com

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