Tip: Eat at Egg Shop This Weekend


Egg Shop is my kind of restaurant, and not just because most of the menu items feature eggs. It’s small and brightly lit inside, and you can see right into the kitchen so you know exactly where your food is coming from. It’s got a chill, fun vibe and the waitresses are all super friendly. When you ask for tap water, they bring you a jug of water infused with lemon and mint, and when you don’t know what to order because everything looks too darn delicious, they help you make the best decision.


I’ve been meaning to try Egg Shop for a while so I’m happy I finally ended up going there this week. My husband and I started with a biscuit for our appetizer. It was gigantic and definitely big enough for both of us. Oh, and it was amazing. Perfectly light and fluffy on the inside and a nicely crispy on the outside. And it was served with a hunk of soft butter that was drizzled with honey. So basically it was perfect.

For main course, I ordered the El Camino Grande big bowl which consisted of poached eggs, avocado, pulled pork carnitas, yellow tomato, fried tortilla strips and cilantro. I ultimately chose that because a.) I’ve been on a Mexican food kick for about three years now, and b.) I couldn’t turn it down after the waitress told me how the chef slow roasts the pork all day in all kinds of delicious spices. Here’s what the dish looked like:


My husband had the Egg Shop Bap–Sunny side up eggs with fried chicken, sesame rice, avocado, cucumber, carrot, radish, scallion, cilantro, and chili paste. This was an awesome combination too, and you know what? The fried chicken was some of the best I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve been to Nashville! Here it is:


Overall our meal was eggcellent. (Sorry, had to.) And the restaurant’s vibe was super laid back and relaxed. Anyway, if you live in NYC or even if you’re just visiting you have to go to Egg Shop.

Egg Shop
151 Elizabeth Street, between Kenmare and Broome

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