Monday Musings of a New Mom

Happy Monday!! It’s the first day of August and I’m feeling great after an amazing weekend. Baby Will could not stop laughing the whole time and his mood was contagious. He’s three and a half months and such a cutie pie! Even though I’m still not used to leaving him to go to the office every day, I feel so blessed that I can come home to his smiling face every night.

Above is an outfit detail from the Cynthia Rowley dress I’m wearing to work today. Don’t you just love the perforated sleeves?? This is the first dress I bought for myself after Will was born. He was about 6 weeks old and I was exhausted. My mom came over to help me, took one look at me in my messy hair and leggings and ordered me to get showered, dressed, and go do something for myself. So I went shopping in the village! I felt so guilty leaving Will but I was only gone for three hours and he slept for most of that time.

Putting on this dress this morning made me smile because it’s a symbol of my new life and love, and also reminds me that becoming a mom DID make me a new person–a better version of me.

Happy Monday!

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