How To Organize Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps

Above: Monique Lhuillier’s gorgeous closet

Closet envy. We all have it. That moment when you’re watching the Kardashians and one of the scenes is in Kim’s walk-in closet and everything is super organized and there’s even a chaise for K.K. to sit on and admire her clothing before making her selection for the day. How can you not want that?

Although I might never reach a point in my life when I have a gigantic closet the size of my current NYC apartment, there’s no reason why I can’t strive to keep my regular-sized closet organized. In fact, I deserve to keep it as tidy as possible, and my clothes and accessories deserve it too. That’s why I reorganize my closet twice a year, once in the fall, when I have to switch from leather jackets to parkas, and once in the springtime, when lightweight cashmere replaces my chunky cable-knit sweaters.

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to organizing your closet. And please let me know how it goes!

1. Empty Out Your Closet
You won’t be able to know what you have unless you see what you have. Make your bed and start placing your clothes in piles designated by type of item: tops, bottoms, and dresses.

2. Try on Your Clothes
I’m willing to bet you a Birkin that there are at least a few things in your closet that don’t fit right. I’ll even predict that because they are ill-fitting, you never wear them. Now is the time to take them to the tailor. Is the piece of clothing not worth the hassle or extra money? Proceed to numero 3.

3. Make Three More Piles: One for Donating, Another for Selling, and the Last for Tossing
If something makes you feel *meh*, then it’s definitely time to make room in your closet for something else that makes you feel gorgeous.
Toss: You’ve worn that NYU sweatshirt to pieces and there are paint-and-who-knows-what-else stains all over it. Rule of thumb: If it’s too gross for you to wear, then it’s too gross for anyone else to wear it too.
Donate: Make sure to give away only items that are in good condition. That means no holes, no stains, and no snags.
Sell: For me, monetizing lightly-worn items of clothing that I don’t want anymore is a no-brainer. Sell designer items either at a local consignment store or on eBay or Poshmark and earn cash for things that will make you happier. You’ll never get what you paid for it, but you will at least earn a few extra bucks to put towards that shiny new pair of Ferragamos you’ve been eyeing.

4. Contain Yourself
Container Store = HEAVEN. Everything is so neat and organized in there! And that’s how you’re going to want your closet to be once you’ve gotten rid of the unwanted items in your wardrobe. Here are a few things you should add to your shopping cart:
– Matching, space saving hangers like these. Believe me, they will change. Your. Life.
– Linen hanging sweater bags like these. If you live in NYC then you know how small and awkward a closet can be. I use these sweater bags for everything–even bedsheets and towels! In my wardrobe closet, I use them for sweaters, tees, workout clothes, jeans, small purses, and in the winter scarves, hats and gloves.
– Stackable clear plastic boxes like these. I use them for all kinds of things including bikinis, belts, silk scarves, small clutches, and chunky costume jewelry. Depending on how often I use the items in them, I either stack them on high shelves or store them in one of my hanging sweater bags.

5. Categorize and Color Coordinate
Now that you have everything you need–and you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t–it’s time to organize your stuff. I’m happiest when my closet is arranged by color and type of clothing. It looks so pretty! But also it makes it much easier to find what I want and use what I have. Don’t forget to fold your foldables in uniform stacks, and hang your other clothes so that they’re all facing the same direction. Now stand back and enjoy getting dressed.

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