My Favorite Baby Clothes

Sampling Heart Pants Final
Above, Little Boy Blue Heart Pants by Sapling.

As a new mom, I can’t help but be overly picky when it comes to what I put on my baby. When I first got pregnant I was totally against buying any cotton clothing that wasn’t organic… but that has definitely changed since I’ve become a mom. There are a few organic and eco-friendly clothing companies that I love, like Sapling (aren’t their little heart pants above adorable?!!), but when it comes to practicality I can’t completely discriminate against non-organic brands.

The key is knowing which brands to splurge on and how to save. Herewith, my favorite clothing brands for my new baby.

This Australian baby clothing brand prides itself on using only 100% organic cotton. Their designs are super fun and printed with only water-based, non-toxic dyes. Items are well-made and keep their shape even after multiple washes.
Botton Line: $$$

My go to for simple essentials, Giggle’s Better Basics line is made of 100% organic cotton. From bibs to pajamas, the styles are all simple and the fabric as soft as can be. All perfect for baby’s sensitive skin.
Botton Line: $$$

Ralph Lauren
Hands down one of my favorite brands for baby. The clothes are never sloppy looking or ill-fitting so I know they’ll always look good on my little guy. I love some of the outfits so much that I’ve bought them in multiple sizes! Pricing isn’t cheap but the website is always running some promotion or another so I make sure to only buy items when they’re on sale.
Botton Line: $$

Little Me
This brand surprised me as my favorite for footie pajamas. The designs are super sweet–many of them have baby animals on them–and my little one looks adorable in them. The company uses only super-soft fabrics like cotton and velour, too, so their clothes are always extra cozy for baby to sleep in.
Botton Line: $-$$

This brand is an obvious favorite for all mothers. I love that they sell clothing in cute little mix-and-match sets, and that they’re always having a sale. Styles are all made from durable fabrics that keeps their shape even after multiple washes each week.
Botton Line: $




Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Staying Hydrate Late in Pregnancy

Staying hydrated is especially important late in pregnancy. Drinking ample fluids will give you energy, help keep pesky colds at bay, and even make your cheeks rosy! These fluids will also transfer into your amniotic sac, giving baby energy and sustenance too. You’ll both need the boost when it’s time for delivery.

But how much water can a person really drink in the course of a day?! Over the past few weeks I’ve tried to get creative with my hydration tactics. I’ve been snacking on foods with high water content like watermelon, celery, and cucumber. And while I still drink a ton of water, I’ve been alternating between regular and sparkling, and even squeeze some lime or lemon into a few glasses a day just to jazz things up a bit.

Happy hydrating!

I’m Going to Be A Mom!

We're Expecting!
Since my husband and I found out we were having a baby, I’ve taken some time off from blogging and Instagram to focus on life and preparing for our new addition. Baby boy is due in April and with just two weeks to go I feel as excited and nervous as ever about the changes that are coming our way. I’m finally ready to share this magical experience with all of you!