The Best Art Instagram Accounts to Follow During Armory Week

This is the first year in about a decade that I won’t be able to make it to Armory Show or any of the other Armory week art fairs in the city. I’m very excited for my ski vacation in Colorado, but I’m sad to be missing out on all of the art parties and fun back home. To help cure my FOMO I am following these instagram accounts by some of the art-world’s best and most influential players. If you’re not in NYC, you should follow along too!

@vajiajiaJiaJia Fei


@simondepurySimon de Pury


@blouin_artinfoBlouin Artinfo



Gallery Hopping: Helmut Lang at Sperone Westwater, and More Must-See Exhibits

A View From The Top: The opening reception for Helmut Lang's sculptures exhibit at Sperone Westwater
View From The Top: The scene at Helmut Lang’s art opening at Sperone Westwater last night.

Helmut Lang’s columnar sculptures line the walls of Sperone Westwater in an army of clusters. Lang created the works while reflecting on his career as a fashion designer, taking a medley of old fabrics, zippers, buttons, and other items, stuffing them in casting tubes and molding them in resin and pigment. The result are visceral pillars that are strong and imposing, but at the same time battered and vulnerable. They transform his old working materials while also preserving them in time.

Helmut Lang’s sculptures are on view now through February 21.

Sperone Westwater: 257 Bowery, NYC

Complete your gallery hop by visiing these other shows that opened this week.

Katsura Okada: Apetalous II: New Works of Flowers Having No Petals, at A.I.R. Gallery

Katsura Okada Apetalous II at Air Gallery _on Bona Style
Katsura Okada, Pistil & Stamen of Hibiscus, 2014. Powdered golden pigments and liquid adhesive on handmade paper.

Katsura Okada reflects on life in Japan after the Tohoku Earthquake of 2011, depicting flowers in their most abstract and fragile form. Her paintings are on view through February 1.
A.I.R. Gallery: 111 Front Street, Brooklyn


Kellyann Burns at McKenzie Fine Art

Kellyann Burns, 11:22 AM 5/22/13, 2013. Oil on alu-dibond, 40″ x 30″

Kellyann Burns layers pigments on top of each other before scraping them off with with sandpaper and metal spatulas to reveal all new contrasting colors and surface textures. Her hard-edged, abstract paintings are on view through February 8.
McKenzie Fine Art: 55 Orchard Street, NYC


Adam Ekberg: Orchestrating the Ordinary, at ClampArt

Adam Ekberg
Adam Ekberg, Eclipse.

Adam Ekberg’s staged still life photographs are straddle the line between real life and whimsy. His crisp, vibrant pictures are on view through February 14.
ClampArt: 535 West 25th Street, NYC




Gallery Hopping: Tonight’s Hottest New York Art Openings

Black, Blue, Silver and Gold, 2013 Oil on canvas, 132 x 132 in.
Black, Blue, Silver and Gold, 2013
Oil on canvas, 132 x 132 in.

Abstract expressionist Pat Steir uses gravity as a tool as she experiments with drips of paint and splatters of pigment at Cheim and Reid.
Opening reception from 6-8 p.m.: 547 West 25th Street
Pat Steir is on view through March 29.

Ran Hwang, Contemplation Time, 2014 Paper buttons, beads and pins on Plexiglas, 94 x 47 in.
Ran Hwang, Contemplation Time, 2014
Paper buttons, beads and pins on Plexiglas, 94 x 47 in.

Korean artist Ran Hwang finds Nirvana in luminescent shades and intricate materials in The Snowfall of Spiders at Leila Heller Gallery.
Opening reception from 6-8 p.m.: 568 West 25th Street.
Ran Hwang: The Snowfall of Spiders will be on view through March 21.

Kon Trubkovich at Marianne Boesky
Kon Trubkovich, Koltsevaya, 2014
Oil on linen, 54 x 47 in.

Kon Trubkovich renders our thoughts and manifests our memory through a series of paintings, video stills, and photographs in Kon Trubkovich: Snow at Marianne Boesky.
Opening reception from 6-8 p.m.: 509 West 24th Street.
Kon Trubkovich: Snow will be on view through March 22.

Finding Love in Drew Barrymore’s Heart Photographs

From Drew Barrymore's poignant photography book, Find it in Everything, published last month by Little, Brown.
A heart in a bowl of miso soup, from Drew Barrymore’s touching book of photographs, Find it in Everything.

Today I am inspired by Drew Barrymore to find love in the most unexpected places. Her new book, Find it in Everything (published by Little, Brown), is a compilation of photographs of hearts she found in everyday objects. Her pictures remind us that love and happiness can peek through the most surprising hiding spots, causing instant joy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Art of Gastronomy: Ferran Adrià’s Sketches at the Drawing Center in Soho

Mushrooms and bananas, by Ferran Adria.
Mushrooms and bananas.

Ferran Adrià, the 51-year-old head chef of the now-closed El Bulli restaurant in Spain, approaches cooking as a scientist would approach a series of experiments. His kitchen is a lab where he analyzes and deconstructs flavors, serving them in mystifying and unconventional forms such as dirty martini spray, popcorn clouds that shrink dramatically when you touch them, spices in the form of pills, and ravioli that disappears before your eyes.

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“Henri Matisse: The Essence of Line” at Marlborough Gallery

Poésies de Stéphane Mallarmé, 1932, etching
Poésies de Stéphane Mallarmé, an etching made by Matisse in 1932.

The simplest things are often the most difficult to perfect. Henri Matisse once mused, “The effort needed to see things without distortion takes something very like courage; and this courage is essential to the artist, who has to look at everything as though he saw it for the first time…”

Indeed, the artist was courageous in his depictions of life, defying critics who viewed his artwork as being too decorative. As he grew older, Matisse became Continue reading ““Henri Matisse: The Essence of Line” at Marlborough Gallery”

Daniel Heidkamp’s “Sneeze Buds” at Half Gallery on East 78th Street

Daniel Heidkamp's Airplane, oil on linen, 2013.
Daniel Heidkamp’s Airplane, oil on linen, 2013.

The Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn seems a morbid spot for an artist to paint en plein air, but Daniel Heidkamp seems to find life in the subject nonetheless. “Sneeze Buds,” his current solo exhibit at Half Gallery on the Upper East Side, is a vibrant study of the lush greenery and pastel blooms that embellish the graveyard, with no visual references to death. Perhaps the artist’s lively depiction of the cemetery stems from the fact that it is the resting place for creative masters whose legacies will live on forever—among them, American graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and Charles Lewis Tiffany, jeweler and founder of Tiffany & Co.

“Sneeze Buds” is on view at Half Gallery  now through July 26.

Half Gallery: 43 East 78th Street, NYC

Takayuki Maekawa at Steven Kasher Gallery

Maekawa's Polar Bear, Churchill, Canada, November, 2000, archival pigment print.
Maekawa’s Polar Bear, Churchill, Canada, November, 2000, archival pigment print.

Japanese wildlife photographer Takayuki Maekawa has no qualms about chasing black bears in Alaska or stalking gorillas in Uganda, as long as it means capturing the animal kingdom’s most intimate and magnificent moments. Tomorrow is the last day to view his vibrant color photographs at Steven Kasher Gallery.

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Zhuang Hong Yi’s “Paintings and Flowerbeds” at Leslie Sacks Contemporary in Santa Monica

Paintings and Flowerbeds

Chinese artist Zhuang Hong Yi is best known for focusing on nature’s most delicate and spirited beauties—flowers. His colorful works are intricate, and tactile, exhibiting a dynamism that is both meticulous and carefree. Combining thick paint drips and collages of Continue reading “Zhuang Hong Yi’s “Paintings and Flowerbeds” at Leslie Sacks Contemporary in Santa Monica”