Bona Eats: A Review of Black Seed Bagels

Beet Lox at Black Seed
Black Seed’s everything bagel with beet-cured lox.

The only thing more “New York” than a bagel is a bagel with a following, and Black Seed offers just that. When I went to the Nolita bagel joint for the first time last weekend, I was excited by the appearance of two types of salmon on the menu: smoked and beet-cured. As a New Yorker, I’m all about keeping things real. That said, the prospect of adding anything pink to any part of my day is always an attractive one. So I decided to go for the beet-cured lox. Here’s what I thought:

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The Art of Gastronomy: Ferran Adrià’s Sketches at the Drawing Center in Soho

Mushrooms and bananas, by Ferran Adria.
Mushrooms and bananas.

Ferran Adrià, the 51-year-old head chef of the now-closed El Bulli restaurant in Spain, approaches cooking as a scientist would approach a series of experiments. His kitchen is a lab where he analyzes and deconstructs flavors, serving them in mystifying and unconventional forms such as dirty martini spray, popcorn clouds that shrink dramatically when you touch them, spices in the form of pills, and ravioli that disappears before your eyes.

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Broadway Bites: An Outdoor Food Court in Greeley Square

Sign 2

One of the best things about New York is the way the city seems to sprout new gems over night. This week, one of those gems is the Broadway Bites by Urbanspace food market in Greeley Square. My oldest childhood friend, Ashley, emailed me yesterday to tell me about how she had unexpectedly stumbled upon the outdoor food market during lunch. She told me she had just eaten the best pretzel EVER and that there was a ton of other food we had to try, and could I meet her for dinner?? This was an invitation I could not refuse. Continue reading “Broadway Bites: An Outdoor Food Court in Greeley Square”