Souvlaki Gr: NYC’s Portal to the Greek Isles


I love Greek people, I love Greek food, and I always keep feta cheese in my fridge… How have I still not been to Greece??? Lucky for me, the owners of the acclaimed Souvlaki Gr food truck opened an adorable sit-down eatery of the same name on the Lower East Side last Spring.

Walking into Souvlaki Gr is like walking down a residential street in Greece. There is a newsstand at the entrance, with shelves of Greek candy and treats, and hanging from its canopy are colorful Greek tabloids and newspapers, perfect for catching up on the current events of the country. The walls of the narrow restaurant are white stucco and speckled with steps leading up to azure doors, making you feel like you’re eating at an outdoor café on a bustling street in Mykonos. The menu is simple and no frills – choose from a veggie, chicken, or pork pita, and compliment it with various sides or salads. The meal is always light and speedy, but if you’re drinking wine you might feel like you could stay for hours – especially when it’s dark and rainy outside. 

So next time the weather is unfriendly, go to Souvlaki Gr and imagine that you’re dining al fresco on a Greek isle.

    imageChicken pita filled with tomatoes, red onion, tzatziki, and french fries (yes, french fries inside the sandwich).